Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 19

"It's truly a blessing to have been able to find these wonderful people and to bring them to our Savior. I pray everyday for them and for you all. I do this because I know it helps."

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Alberto and I saying goodbye.

Hey Everyone! 

And Goodbye Sommerschield! :( 

It is that time again, transfers are happening! I will be leaving my area and going to a new area called T-3 in the Matola Zone. I'm excited but nervous because I will be opening up an new area, it's another "white-wash." But I will have another Brazilian as a companion this transfer, Elder Silva. I will not be leaving Sommerschield until Friday which truly is a blessing because I will have a chance to say goodbye to the people I have been teaching. I am excited for what lies ahead in this new area.

Thanksgiving day was stellar. So much food! And pasturized milk! It was soooo good! They were such a blessing for us and were so nice to have us for dinner. I thought very much about home but I felt more at home because of the kindness of this family. There was a baptism on Saturday at Chamanculo. It was way nice, I could feel the blessings those people were receiving. 

Sunday we had a Primary Program in our ward, the attendance was through the roof. It was awesome. I will share a photo of primary children. Also Elder Stewart left to go home on Sunday. It was very weird seeing a missionary go home. 

Since I am leaving here I will share some pictures of my house  and the church building in Sommerschield. I want to also share some photos of some people that I have been teaching who are investigating the church and I'm certain will be baptized next transfer. I know it! 

Also we played soccer today! With Irmao Carlos, some Rapazes, the sons of Irmao Jorge, and some other randoms. Haha! It was awesome. And boy was it hot! I think I'll be a decent soccer player when I come back. haha. 

It's very hard to describe the love I feel for these people. I almost cried saying goodbye to some special ones. I know I am supposed to be here. And I know I cannot stay. No matter how much I want too. It's truly a blessing to have been able to find these wonderful people and to bring them to our Savior. I pray everyday for them and for you all. I do this because I know it helps. 

I have loved my time here with my companion and these wonderful members and friends. I feel so blessed.

I know this Gospel is true. I know it changes lives. It has changed mine. And I will forever be changed. I hope everyone of you can know of the everlasting happiness I feel right now. I hope you had a great week and I hope you will have another one! I love you all!

Elder Nimmo

P.S. Sorry for the photo overload!

Saying goodbye to Olga e Nayma e Eu. E dois Filhos, an awesome family.

Futbol!!! Foi Muito Nice

Irmao Carlos, he is like the Young Men President for the ward.

Primary children on the day of their primary program.

Transferring from Sommershield to area T-3 of Matola, the largest providence of Maputo.

My apartment before I leave... 
Our kitchen...

The bathroom...

Where we do our morning exercise and iron our clothes. 

Our living room...

Elder Stewart before he leaves for home, he has completed his mission.

Outside the church building in Sommershield.

The inside, our chapel for church services.

 Thanksgiving meal at an American member's home, the father works at the Embassy.

Elder Stewart enjoying pasteurized milk!

Some very grateful missionaries after a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

On our way home from our Thanksgiving feast we encountered some downpours...

When we arrived at our apartment, we were soaking wet. 

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