Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 12

" I have testified to them of the gospel my own testimony has grown."

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Throwing up the peace signs. I was able to meet up with Elder Brown and his companion Elder Heald at KFC. My companion, Elder Keck, was there too obviously. This Elder and I traveled together from the Provo MTC over to Mozambique. 

Hello Everyone! 

So I already told you about last weeks P-day so that means I get to tell you about everything else. This week we had a good amount of meetings. We made goals with the Bishop and we are trying to reach those goals. We have such great families here in Sommerschield and my heart longs to stay here with them and see them enter the waters of baptism. With transfers happening next week I feel anxious and my trainer told me that most people feel that way the whole mission. We have six families currently who are progressing and probably will get 3-4 more families this week. For being white washed we are doing pretty well. I have felt so much joy as I have taught these wonderful people and as I have testified to them of this gospel my own testimony has grown. 

The people here have such faith. I will share one cool experience we had when we were teaching a family. So Jorge and Hortencia have four children and one nephew they look after. The three oldest sons are 12 or older. Last time we visited with them Jorge offered to close with a prayer. Hortencia was not there unfortunately because her father had passed away. When he was saying the prayer he said one thing that stood out to both of us, "I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is Your church on earth." This was such a blessing. I have not been able to see the fruits of my labors quite yet but hearing that gave me hope. It was the first time our investigators had shared what they know to be true. I hope to help everyone I come in contact with to feel that same way and be able to say those same words. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to serve in this area and I know this is the Lord's work. 

I hope everyone can have a great week!

Elder Nimmo

This is the view, from beyond the metal bars of our apartment, onto the streets of Sommerschield. We live on the second floor. 

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