Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 13

"...I know that I can do everything through Him if I have faith."

Monday, October 19th, 2015

Transfer Day: Elder Shumway and I say goodbye as he left today. He was the DL (district leader) this past transfer. Photo bomb by random Elder.

Hello everyone!!! 

So this week has been a crazy one. First off we had a zone conference this past Thursday and we had an Elder come stay with us. Elder Keck and I both knew him. So he came from Maxixe to visit the hospital and then Elder Keck found out he was leaving Saturday morning to go to Maxixe with Elder Twiguimala. So that was crazy. Also I am staying in Sommerschield currently and my new companion will be Elder Trinidade and he is from Brasil. He will not be here until Wednesday so for the past few days I have been with two new Elders who have been staying in my house. Elder Stewart and Elder Arvarado. 

It was weird losing Elder Keck. He was a great trainer and companion. But I am happy to be furthering the work here in Sommerschield. Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time left to write so I'm just gonna send a bunch of pictures. We lost internet today so we lost a good chunk of email writing time. But I'm loving the mission and I'm excited to get back to work with my new companion. I'll let you know next week if I will only be speaking Portuguese this transfer. FYI this transfer ends on November 30. Random info but I think it is important. 

I can't stress the importance of having hope everything will work out. Before Elder Keck left he told me that the Lord and the mission president must have a lot of faith in me in my second transfer to be taking charge of an area I still don't fully know. And I would agree with that. There are a lot of things I don't remember and things I don't know how to do. But I know that I can do everything through Him if I have faith. Love you all! 

Until next week!


Elder Nimmo

P.S. People have asked about sending me a birthday/Christmas package and instructions. Here is the best counsel that I can give: Packages usually take about a month-4 months to arrive. FYI. Keep in mind it is hard to bring things because of transfers so if you are gonna send stuff make sure I'll use it. I am not trying to be pessimistic more along the lines of realistic. So If you think I'll be able to bring it with me or use it, send it haha! I'll love it! Do not send anything perishable. And send it in a box that will be somewhat protected from rain and rats. Also, if you send food/candy items make sure the smell is concealed, I think that is how rats/mice get into them. Also mold can form on the packages on the way over so no open food. Plastic containers are good though. I will really love and appreciate anything. All packages go to this mission home address:

Elder Nicholas Carothers Nimmo
Mozambique Maputo Mission
R. Tenente General Oswaldo Tazama, 1429
Bairro Costa do Sol
Maputo, Maputo
(important that all packages have this phone number with address)

Elder Hard and I, he left today too.

L to R: Elder Chase, Elder Mortimer, Elder Twiguimala (leaving), Elder Hutchinson, me and my companion/trainer Elder Keck (who is being transferred to Maxixe) all together at our Zone Conference. We bonded during my first transfer/past 6 weeks.

 Elder Chase, me and Elder Combs during a selfie break at Zone Conference. 

No throwin' up deuces from Elder Combs.

This is a game! Guess what this is!?!? It is a fruit called MASALA.

More commonly known as the lion king fruit. 
Kind of tastes like bubblegum and a little hint of apple.

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