Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 5

MTC has been "meh-neeng-ay" but it's time to go...

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015

Oy! Tudo Bem?! Portuguese/Mozambique Word of the Week: Meningue meaning nice or cool. 
Meh-neeng-ay = Nice. Nice is just the English word nice. In Mozambique they use English words as slang, like the word of the week. Also I discovered that If I ever serve in Swaziland I will learn some of the "clicking" language. No joke. 

Oh! I got my Flight Plans!!!! I leave this Sunday, August 30th and get to Mozambique on the 1st of September the exact day my International Driver's License is valid. It's a long couple of flights. They have the 16 of us, yes 16 missionaries going to Mozambique, traveling from SLC to LAX. Then from LAX we have a 15 hour flight to London Heathrow. After a three hour layover in London we have a 12 hour flight to Johannesburg, South Africa. Then our last flight is about 3 hours to Maputo, Mozambique. It is one killer of a trip but it is so worth it. I cannot wait to teach people about the gospel that has brought so much joy and peace in to my life. 

I feel like I haven't shown you guys what I have been learning in the MTC. So I will share my testimony, the things that I know to be true, as I know them right now. In Portuguese? Eu sei que Deus ama nos. Ele e nosso querido Pai Celestial. Ele mando seu Filho, Jesus Cristo. Eu Sei que Jesus Cristo moriu para nos e vive hoje para nos. Eu sei que A Igreja de Jesus Cristo Dos Santos Dos Ultimos Dias e verdadeiro. I know these things with all my heart and I can't wait to share these things with the people in Mozambique. I hope all of you will come closer to our Savior and learn of Him that our love for Him will grow. I wish the best for all of you and I look for your emails every week. I pray that all might know of His gospel. 

With love, 

Elder Nimmo

Peace out Provo! Movin' on to Mozambique! 

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