Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 54

"So I am not set apart as a counselor to the Branch President. There actually is no Branch Presidency here at all! So until they are able to call someone, I will be acting as President without the title."

Monday, August 1st, 2016

Meet my new companion, Elder Hamilton.

So Hello Everyone,

I don't have much to write about the week. I had to stay off of my foot for some time but this week will be better! 

Let me introduce you to my new companion, Elder Hamilton from California. We went to Homoine this week and visited with a family that has gone through the temple. 

We went to Tofo Beach on our P-day. Beautiful!

So I am not set apart as a counselor to the Branch President. There actually is no branch Presidency at all! So until they are able to call someone,  I will be acting as President without the title. 

My mission President Koch has shared a story that I would like to pass along: 

So there once was a very rich master, that over many of years had earned a fortune. This master had a servant that had been faithful to him for over 30 years. One day the master turned to his servant and told that he wanted to build a mansion for his best friend. He told the servant to use all the money that he needed to buy the top class materials and top class workers. A little envious of this "best friend" of the master and him thinking, "Hey I have been faithful for 30+ years to this master why doesn’t he give me a mansion?" So the servant went out and instead of buying the top class materials he bought 2nd or 3rd class, that still looked good but wouldn't last very long. And instead of hiring top class workers, he hired cheap workers that could make that house look nice but not be top quality. Then after all the building was complete and the mansion, which "looked" good, was at last finished, the servant returned to his master to give him the key. When the master was given the key he instantly gave it right back to the servant and said, "The mansion is yours, thank you for your faithful service and thank you for being a great friend."

There is a beautiful morale to the story as it relates to the gospel in our lives. We are all children of God, blessed by our Lord and Savior. We have been blessed with all of our strengths, and all of the tools we need to bless our lives and more importantly the lives of others. Are we doing all that we can to serve others? Do we serve others with expectations of reward or do we serve with pure intent? 

Moroni 7:47  "Charity is the pure love of Christ."

Our Master has given us the key, it is Charity. May we all seek ways to share the pure love of Christ. 

Have a great week!

Love you all,

Elder Nimmo

The ferry ride to our new area.

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