Monday, July 27, 2015

Day 1 and counting

He's at the Provo, Utah MTC (Mission Training Center)

Wednesday July 22nd, 2015 

We were told that he will be here until the end of August. He would love to hear from you! Cole can only check his email on his "P-day" personal day which is Tuesdays. If you'd like to send him an email that is printed out and given to him on the same day you write it, use, "Write a letter" drop down, letter selection - choose Provo MTC, then hit Write a Missionary, fill out your information and then add Elder Nicholas Nimmo Unit 143, estimated departure date August 30th and type away! He will be so happy to get mail.

Video of Elder Nimmo, last minute hugs, advice and goodbyes before entering MTC

All smiles, no tears for this guy, he is so ready to get this mission started.

Inside the MTC...

A friend of Ali's who works inside the MTC sent this snapchat of Cole meeting his companion for the first time. Notice his Elder Nimmo name tag, it's official!!

First Letter!

Oy! Hi family! I am doing great here at the MTC! We just met with our branch presidency and I was called to be a district leader. Kind of nervous but excited. Started the Book of Mormon over and am excited to receive witness of its truth stronger than I have before. I love my companion and everyone in the MTC. I'm so excited to continue my mission and to learn more and more. I am proud to be a missionary and honored to represent our Savior, Jesus Christ. Mom and Dad, I love you. Also send my love to the rest of the family, to the ward, and to my friends both here and there. Moroni 10:32, that's my scripture. I love you all. My P-day is Tuesday so expect emails then.

With Love,

Elder Nimmo

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